WorkSaver Launches New Online Scheduling & Testing Software Program

26 Jul

WorkSaver is happy to announce the implementation of its new online scheduling and testing software program. The software utilizes a secure, HIPAA compliant online system that allows our client companies easy access to scheduling and reporting.

Once a WorkSaver client is set up in the system, the Client will be provided with a secure user name and password that will allow them to log into our online testing portal. Once logged in to our system, our client companies will be able to easily schedule a new hire post offer pre-placement or return to work fitness for duty examination at one of our over 200 clinics in 42 different states. The system will notify the requested clinic of the new evaluation request and will assist in the confirmation of the appointment via email.

WorkSaver Clients can quickly and easily log in to WorkSaver’s online portal using any device that supports a web browser (computer, tablet or phone) to view the status of the test. E-mails will also be generated to notify the requester of the status with same day reporting of the test outcome results to speed the onboarding or return to work process.

For those individuals with the Client company that have proper authorization to access protected health information (PHI), the full report will be available once WorkSaver’s quality assurance review has been completed. The information will be stored to allow easy searching of specific individuals if the need arises, even if it is years later.

If you are interested in viewing our system (if not already a user), please do not hesitate to contact WorkSaver for more information.

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