About WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC is a Louisiana-based corporation that specializes in employee fitness for duty testing of:

  • new hires (on a post-offer, pre-placement basis),
  • incumbent employees “for cause” as per EEOC guidelines,
  • high risk jobs on regular intervals (e.g., firefighters, first responders, police officers, etc.)
  • for transfers/promotions to jobs with different physical demands, and
  • for return to work cases following injury and/or illness.

WorkSaver assist employers in developing an EEOC/ADA-legally compliant fitness for duty program by conducting job analyses referred to as job physical demands validation (PDVs). The PDVs encompass interviews of SMEs, shadowing employees, and measuring physical demand parameters of essential job functions.

Essential job physical demands that have been captured and measured in the PDVs are translated into a detailed functional job description (FJD). The FJD then undergoes review by the employer’s SMEs for any revisions and final approval. Once the FJDs are approved, WorkSaver creates customized fitness for duty examinations for each job title and performs validations of the testing procedures to ensure they reflect the actual job demands.

Prior to rolling out a fitness for duty testing program for the employer, WorkSaver provides policies and procedures, including interactive accommodation procedures, to the employer. Employers are provided with a very user-friendly on-line process to schedule job employees for fitness duty testing at any of our nation-wide WorkSaver certified clinics. Testing statistics and return on investment (ROI) reports are provided to all WorkSaver clients.

Other WorkSaver Services:

  • ADA accommodations consulting,
  • Ergonomics consulting,
  • Ergonomics certification courses (see www.cbes-ergonomics.com ),
  • Injury prevention and wellness seminars (see www.cbes-ergonomics.com/seminars/ )
  • Legal expert consulting in the fields of fitness for duty testing and ergonomics (Both Dr. Bunch, CEO, and Trevor Bardarson, President, have extensive experience as legal experts in these fields and have been accepted as experts by both federal and state courts.)

Administrative Offices: WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems’ Administrative offices are located in New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana.

Founder and Owners: WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems was founded by Dr. Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES, current CEO and owner, in 1993. Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES is President and co-owner.

Our Mission

Provide ADA and EEOC compliant fitness for duty testing that will effectively match a person's physical capacities to the essential physical demands of a job in order to avoid injury and improve work productivity.

Provide ergonomics consulting and training services worldwide that will effectively reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other types of injuries, and improve work productivity.

Provide wellness programs to industries worldwide that will effectively reduce the risk of injury and illness and improve work productivity. Promote wellness and self-responsibility among employees to work intelligently and safely through education, research and training.

Provide proactive health care and education to industries that will effectively prevent injury and illness, and improve work productivity.

Provide ergonomics certification programs to safety, risk management, and occupational healthcare professionals to maintain application of a first line of defense against injuries and illness in the workplace.

Our Team

Dr. Richard Bunch

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Dr. Bunch is a licensed physical therapist and ergonomic specialist specializing in functional

Trevor Bardarson

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Mr. Bardarson graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from the University Of Manitoba, Canada

Mrs. Ellen Bunch

Ellen Bunch, RN (Deceased: September 10, 2020) WorkSaver Consultant / Past President Ellen

Laurie Macchello

Ms. Macchello received her undergraduate education at San Francisco State University and completed

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