Dr. Bunch was one of the first, if not the first, clinicians to create and conduct ADA-compliant FFD testing in the State of Louisiana in 1991 when ADA became law. In 1993, Dr. Bunch entered private practice and started WorkSaver fitness for duty testing services for industries with his company, Industrial Safety & Rehabilitation (ISR) Institute, Inc. As the business demand grew, WorkSaver testing and ergonomics services were separated into its own company, WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LCC in 2010. Over the many years, hundreds of thousands of WorkSaver FFD examinations have been rendered for numerous industries across the nation with great effectiveness.

Time required will vary based on the health/fitness condition of the test recipient. The average new hire (post-offer, pre-placement) FFD examination requires 1 to 1.5 hours. The average return to work FFD examination requires 1.5- 2 hours.

Yes. WorkSaver offers a short video that instructs the job applicant on how to prepare and what to expect form a WorkSaver FFD examination. The employee FFD orientation video is provided in WorkSaver’s web site: www.worksaversystems.com

Failure rates vary based on the physical demand level of the job. For example, clients can expect a 1.5 – 4.5% failure rate for medium level work and a 6.5-12.5% failure rate for heavy level work. These rates do not reflect test recipients that are hired with accommodations and those who are placed on medical hold for a health risks that expose a test recipient to imminent threat of harm to undergo the FFD test. Test recipients placed on medical hold may return to undergo the FDD examination only once the medical condition that was posing a threat is resolved.

Yes. WorkSaver’s national network of clinics is in a constant state of expansion as client demands increase.

If there is a location needed by a client that is not currently covered, WorkSaver will locate a qualified clinic for WorkSaver certification. Through this process, WorkSaver brings testing to the locations needed by the employer.

On average, 2 – 3 weeks. Perhaps longer if the site needed is in a very remote area.

Notify WorkSaver. If the clinic and clinicians meet our qualifications and the clinic is not located in the service area of a clinic already certified by WorkSaver, the clinic can be contracted and certified by WorkSaver.

All WorkSaver FFD examinations are subjected to content and/or criterion based validations. WorkSaver ergonomic specialists shadow employees and conduct physical demands validations on the job sites, create functional job descriptions (FJDs) and have the employer and employees review and approve the essential physical demands identified in the FJDs. After FJDs are approved, WorkSaver FFD examinations are created for each job based on the validated FJDs. Once the WorkSaver test protocols are created, subject matter experts undergo the actual FFD examination created for each job for final approval prior to rolling out the program. Once the testing is rolled out, WorkSaver monitors all FFD examinations and assesses testing outcomes statistically to ensure that there is no evidence of unfair disparate discrimination.

Time to conduct job PDVs will depend on the number, complexity and locations of the jobs. WorkSaver initially gathers information (at no cost) from the employer on the number and types of jobs that will be analyzed. Once that information is acquired, WorkSaver will provide a PDV project timeline and cost estimate that includes the creation of the FJDs. WorkSaver has extensive experience in analyzing jobs and it is more likely than not that the jobs being analyzed have been analyzed many times for other employers. This experience allows WorkSaver to complete the PDVs and development of FJDs in a very efficient and cost effective manner.

Absolutely! WorkSaver ‘s process has undergone scrutiny from numerous attorneys and by the EEOC. The process is fully compliant not only with ADA and EEOC, but it is also compliant with all other federal regulations such as ADEA, Title VII, FMLA, GINA and HIPAA.

High risk jobs such a fire fighters, police officers, and employees that work in remote, hostile environments can be required to undergo a FFD examination at regular time intervals. In other words, there must be a business necessity for conducting regular FFD examinations on an incumbent work force. For regular jobs, FFD exams can be legally conducted on a “for cause basis” when an employee’s health status has changed and he/she is having difficulty working in a safe manner, or when an employee is transferred to a more physically demanding job.

No. WorkSaver has retained very experienced labor attorneys to assist in their development of FFD testing since its conception. WorkSaver’s current retained labor attorney has over 30 years of professional experience as a labor attorney and 10 years as an OSHA judge in Washington DC.

Unlike some competitors, WorkSaver certifies and uses only highly qualified clinicians consisting of licensed physical and occupational therapists to conduct their FFD examinations.

Sometimes we can schedule on same day if needed, based on clinic schedules. On average though, within 24-48 hours.

Same day, as soon as the FFD examination is completed.

Indefinitely. Records are filed electronically with excellent back up systems. Our policy is to keep reports on file without termination.

WorkSaver conducts reviews of FJDs with employer’s SMEs and conducts periodic PDVs as needed or when job demands change. We recommend reviewing FJDs every 3-5 years to help ensure accuracy.

Yes! WorkSaver provides clients with policies and procedures for conducting interactive accommodation reviews and will assist employers with determining reasonable accommodations upon request.

WorkSaver is the only FFD provider that utilizes an excellent team of registered/licensed nurses and physical therapists to monitor each and every WorkSaver examination. WorkSaver’s state of the art software reporting system also assists in catching any errors in testing. WorkSaver offers support to both industry clients and their WorkSaver affiliate clinics 24/7. Just pick up the telephone or e-mail us at our Quality Assurance office, and you will get a fast response to any question you may have!

No! Our industry clients receive centralized billing only from WorkSaver. This reduces your administration time by not having to handle numerous invoices!

Contact WorkSaver! It’s that easy! We will meet with you, discuss your needs, answer all your questions, address all your concerns, and then provide you with a service proposal that clearly outlines our step-by-step process, our obligations, fees, etc.

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