“In our industry, nearly all positions are safety-sensitive and as a result we were challenged with interpreting physician’s notes to determine if the employee is physically able to return to work.  WorkSaver Systems assisted in eliminating this issue. Through our partnership with WorkSaver Systems, we now have a great business partner that provides us with confidence in getting employees back to work, while reducing the risk of secondary injury or harm to employees. Dr. Bunch and the WorkSaver Systems staff are professional, personable and always willing to work with us on any issue that arises. Finding clinics in rural areas of our state can be difficult, but the WorkSaver staff assisted in locating clinics willing to partner to provide us great benefits. We are grateful for the competency WorkSaver System brings to our business partnership.”

-Arkansas Electric, M.D

"WorkSaver has been absolutely integral to our successful management of post-offer and fitness-for-duty screenings for more than 15 years. They have allowed us to create and operate a consistent process in multiple Cities and States. I also greatly appreciate their continual communication with us regarding compliance and quality assurance."

-Acadian Ambulance, C.J.

"WorkSaver services are a highly-valued partner for our organization and promote quality health services for our employees and business operations. They are involved in all aspects of workforce fitness for duty including the development of validated job descriptions that document the physical requirements and working conditions, and providing the testing for pre-employment, return to work and other fitness for duty evaluations."

-Chevron , S.F.
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