Fitness for Duty Testing

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems is dedicated to the highest excellence in reducing on-the-job Injuries and increasing work productivity by providing highly effective and legally compliant fitness-for-duty evaluations and ergonomics in a cost-effective manner to industry clients on a nation-wide wide basis.

Advantages of Testing

Reduces Injuries by determining a person’s abilities to work safely.

Components of Evaluations

Three components: Medical History Intake, Physical Examination and

Functional Job Descriptions

Supports the legal foundation of FFD testing Created by WorkSaver

WorkSaver Exam Types

A. New Hire Fitness for Duty (FFD) Tests Conducted post-offer,

Legal Compliance

Fully compliant with EEOC regulations and federal laws dealing with

Quality Assurance

• WorkSaver Quality Assurance Staff of Registered Nurses provides detailed

WorkSaver Proven Results

• Decreases in Lost Time and Injury Rates • Decreased Employee

Test Orientation Video Evaluator Training Video

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