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Fitness for Duty Testing

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  • Reduces Injuries by determining a person’s abilities to work safely.
  • Identifies medical conditions that present direct threat of harm for testing and work.
  • Helps employer to objectively identify reasonable job accommodations in compliance with the ADA.
  • Identifies and measures physical impairments for pre-injury functional baseline.
  • Assesses baseline functional capacities (e.g., strength, aerobic capacity, balance, coordination, and flexibility).

There are significant advantages that differentiate WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems from competitors. They include:

a. Greater Experience and Expertise in Fitness for Duty Testing: The owners and administrators of WorkSaver Employee Systems are clinicians (licensed physical therapists) and ergonomic specialists who have over 46 years of combined experience in conducting PDVs, creating FJDs, and performing ADA- and EEOC-compliant fitness for duty evaluations for industries

b. WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC is the only functional testing provider that maintains an independent third-party review of all evaluations conducted by licensed physical therapists, and registered and licensed practical nurses trained in occupational medicine and the legal regulations related to functional testing.

c. WorkSaver testing is designed to identify both pre-existing medical conditions/impairments and functional deficits that will cause direct threat of harm (injury) to the candidate and/or co-workers. WorkSaver, for example, identified a neurological disease in a helicopter pilot that adversely affected depth perception and coordination. WorkSaver testing preventing the employer from hiring this candidate, thus protecting the employee from causing harm to self and others and protecting the employer from incurring the serious consequences of injury/harm in this case.

d. WorkSaver staff provides 24-7 availability to clients. WorkSaver clients will always get a WorkSaver nurse or physical therapist on the phone when calling. If all lines are busy, the client will receive an immediate call back as soon as one of the lines become free. After hour calls are handled by either a WorkSaver certified nurse or WorkSaver certified physical therapist.

e. Level of legal monitoring and design of the functional testing process is superior and second to none. (WorkSaver has an experienced labor attorney on retainer who has over 30 years’ experience as a labor attorney and 10 years of experience as a federal OSHA judge dealing with EEOC- and OSHA-based claims.

f. Centralized billing: WorkSaver invoices clients centrally for all tests conducted at WorkSaver certified clinics. This reduces administrative time and expense for the client.

g. WorkSaver assists its clients directly with interactive accommodation reviews as needed.

h. WorkSaver clients receive statistical and ROI reports annually or more frequently upon request.

i. WorkSaver clients receive an electronic WorkSaver newsletter monthly which addresses recent trends in labor laws, human resource issues, fitness for duty testing, ergonomics, injury prevention and employee wellness interventions.

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