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WorkSaver is proven highly effective ADA and EEOC compliant functional testing system for defensive hiring and return to work cases. Used successfully nation-wide since 1993 by small and large companies.
WorkSaver validates job physical demands, develops detailed functional job descriptions and designs job-specific functional testing protocols. It is turn-key operation that includes the provision of assistance in interactive accommodation reviews, policies and procedures, quality assurance reviews, HIPAA compliant electronic reports, annual testing outcome reports, and 24/7 administrative support.
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Fitness for Duty Testing

Fitness for Duty Testing Offered Nationally Wherever Needed by Industrial Clients No one in the

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Office and Field Ergonomics Training

Ergonomic Consulting - The WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems Approach Ergonomics The art and

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National Testing Network

WorkSaver has a provider network of over 200 clinics and the number is growing steadily as more

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