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  • Supports the legal foundation of FFD testing
  • Created by WorkSaver ergonomic specialists by performing on-site ergonomic job physical demands validations (PDVs)
  • Data derived from PDVs are translated into functional job descriptions (FJDs) and provided to the employer for review and approval.
  • The approved FJDs will be used to create job-specific FFD exams.

Functional job descriptions (FJDs) are created based on data derived from on-site physical demands validations (PDVs) performed by WorkSaver ergonomic specialists. The on-site PDV analyses include:

a. Interviews of managers and employees
b. Job shadowing of employees
c. Direct measurements of weights lifted and carried, push/pull forces, postural demands, and job-related aerobic demands (energy expenditure) during repetitive activities, stair and ladder climbing etc.
d. Analysis of use of tools, machines, and PPE
e. Photography and videography (when and where allowed)

Once the FJDs are created by WorkSaver, they are sent to the industrial client for review by their managers and employees (subject matter experts) for revisions and final approval. Once FJDs are approved by the client, validated essential job demands will be determined and incorporated into WorkSaver’s proprietary post offer, pre-placement fitness for duty test protocols and WorkSaver’s proprietary return to work fitness for duty test protocols.

WorkSaver FJDs are essential documents representing validation of essential job demands and create a legal foundation for fitness for duty testing. In addition, the WorkSaver FJD is essential for providing human resource managers and medical practitioners with detailed descriptions of the job demands required for return to work determinations, job placement determinations, and interactive accommodation reviews.

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