Fitness For Duty Testing

WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems provides a number of high quality services to help improve the quality of the work environment. From our nationally recognized Fitness for Duty testing to our specialized ergonomics program.

Advantages of Testing

  • Reduces Injuries by determining a person’s abilities to work safely.
  • Identifies medical conditions that present direct threat of harm for testing and work.
  • Helps employer to objectively identify reasonable job accommodations in compliance with the ADA.
  • Identifies and measures physical impairments for pre-injury functional baseline.
  • Assesses baseline functional capacities (e.g., strength, aerobic capacity, balance, coordination, and flexibility).
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Components of Evaluations

  • Three components:
    1. Medical History Intake,
    2. Physical Examination and
    3. Job Simulated Dynamic Functional Tests
  • Full Legal Compliance with all federal and state regulations (e.g., EEOC, ADA, ADEA, PDA, Title VII, FMLA, GINA, HIPAA, etc.)
  • All exams are conducted through a paperless process in our Custom Online Program.
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Functional Job Descriptions

  • Supports the legal foundation of FFD testing
  • Created by WorkSaver ergonomic specialists by performing on-site ergonomic job physical demands validations (PDVs)
  • Data derived from PDVs are translated into functional job descriptions (FJDs) and provided to the employer for review and approval.
  • The approved FJDs will be used to create job-specific FFD exams.
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WorkSaver Exam Types

A. New Hire Fitness for Duty (FFD) Tests

  • Conducted post-offer, pre-placement in accordance to ADA guidelines
  • Job-specific – Based on validated Functional Job Descriptions
  • Uniformly applied across same job titles
  • Detailed, legally defensible report that accurately describes the individual’s physical ability to work.
  • Same day notification of results

B. Return to Work FFD Tests:

  • Conducted upon return to work following injury and illness
  • Conducted upon return to work following prolonged absence
  • Conducted in full compliance with FMLA
  • Conducted on high risk jobs (e.g., firefighters) at regular time intervals (e.g., annually)
  • Job-specific – Based on validated FJDs.
  • Uniformly applied across same job titles
  • Detailed, legally defensible report that accurately describes the individual’s physical ability to work.
  • Same day notification of results
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Quality Assurance

• WorkSaver Quality Assurance Staff of Registered Nurses provides detailed quality assurance reviews on each and every WorkSaver functional exam in order to ensure legal compliance to EEOC and ADA regulations for your organization.

• Availability 24/7 for any and all questions.

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WorkSaver Proven Results

• Decreases in Lost Time and Injury Rates
• Decreased Employee Turnover
• Decreases in Worker’s Compensation Cost
• Increase in Productivity

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WorkSaver is proven highly effective ADA and EEOC compliant functional testing system for defensive hiring and return to work cases. Used successfully nation-wide since 1993 by small and large companies. WorkSaver validates job physical demands, develops detailed functional job descriptions and designs job-specific functional testing protocols. It is a turn-key operation that includes the provision of assistance in interactive. Call WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems today for a complete and concise proposal on how we can start this highly effective process for you 800-414-2174.

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