Employers Can Reduce Worker Fatigue

​Fatigue is a growing problem affecting the workforce. Research estimates that 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to fatigue, and 43% of Americans admit they may be too tired to function safely at work. Following are some steps employers…

The Rumor Mill Is Now Your Problem? Yes, According to the Fourth Circuit

In a decision that could have wide-ranging implications for all employers, the Fourth Circuit recently held that an employer’s failure to stop a false rumor that a female employee slept with her male boss to obtain a promotion, could give…

Can a Fitness for Duty Examination Provide ADA Accommodations?

By Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES – CEO, WorkSaver Systems Occasionally, I find that there is some confusion by clinical evaluators and even employers regarding how to properly conduct a post-offer, pre-placement fitness for duty (FFD) evaluation when the test…

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