Preventing Fatigue-Related Injuries on the Job

Injuries /accidents on the job related to fatigue can be costly. The direct and indirect costs of fatigue are astronomically high in the United States, affecting the health and safety of millions of Americans. Employers should be aware of causes…

Can an Accommodation be Withdrawn After it is Provided to an Employee?

Richard W. Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES Employers should have a good handle by now on when a reasonable accommodation is required as dictated by Title VII or when required for a covered employee with a disability as dictated by the…

Using AI to Hire? Beware!

When it came to bias in hiring decision-making, conventional wisdom pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI) was that AI offered a system to be a great unbiased equalizer. On its face, it made sense: if we delegate complex decisions to AI,…

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