The Year 2020 Will Bring Several Important New Laws that Will Impact Employers

The following is a brief overview of some key issues that may dominate the legal landscape in 2020 and beyond. LGBT Rights Due to its significant impact on the civil rights of more than eight million LGBT individuals in this…

What Are the Employer’s Obligations When Engaging in the ADA Interactive Process?

Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of a disability and requires employers engage in an interactive process and provide reasonable accommodations. A failure to do so may result in liability. The…

How to Respond to an EEOC RFI in a Hiring Discrimination Charge

Since 1993 WorkSaver has conducted hundreds of thousands of ADA and EEOC compliant fitness for duty tests (referred herein as Physical Ability Tests). Since that time, WorkSaver has been involved as an expert consultant in a nationally known EEOC case…

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