Exercise Balls for Office Chairs – Good or Bad

Exercise Balls for Office Chairs- Are they Good for You? It is well known that sitting all day is bad for you. Consequently, it is inevitable that people will look for innovative types of chairs to improve health while sitting….

Can COVID-vaccinated employees Stop Wearing Masks at Work?

Can COVID-vaccinated employees Stop Wearing Masks at Work? COVID-vaccinated employees are asking employers if they can stop wearing masks at work. This begs the question – Can employers modify their mask policy only for vaccinated employees while requiring nonvaccinated employees…

Can Employers Offer COVID Incentives

Can Employers Offer COVID-19 Vaccine Incentives for Employees? Can employers offer incentives for employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine? In short, yes. Incentives may take many forms, such as a one-time bonus, a gift card or a few extra vacation…

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