WorkSaver Announces Online Course

23 Jul

WorkSaver Announces Online Behavioral-Based Ergonomic Specialist (CBES) Certification Course

Interested in setting yourself apart as a qualified and competent ergonomics specialist with an understanding of how to integrate ergonomics with wellness interventions? If so, consider enhancing your skills and knowledge and transforming your career by taking the online CBES course and obtaining the CBES credential. Training online for your certification means you can learn anywhere, anytime. You can also study at your own pace to fit your schedule.

Since 2003, many corporations around the country have sent hundreds of employees to become certified in the integrated CBES approach to ergonomics and wellness. This 4 ½ day course has always been well attended and highly rated by attendees. After the coronavirus hit our country, live courses were temporarily suspended and the demand for online courses skyrocketed. In response, Moxie Media professionally videotaped the CBES Faculty conducting the CBES course and created an online program.

CBES is a proprietary ergonomics certification that was first trademarked in 2004. The CBES credentialing course is a unique educational and training experience based on published scientific research and is consistent with OSHA ergonomic guidelines and medical best practices. The course trains the student in methods to modify work and lifestyle behaviors (wellness) in conjunction with ergonomics engineering principles to achieve maximum results as an ergonomic specialist. The behavioral component gives students methods to educate employees on the reasons underlying each and every ergonomic modification of the work process. This approach helps ensure maximum compliance with CBES ergonomic interventions.

The online CBES certification program teaches the skills necessary to properly conduct both office and field ergonomic assessments. Attendees will learn work physiology, causes of MSDs, methods of ergonomic problem solving, and effective ergo-behavioral and wellness solutions. Training is fully compliant with OSHA ergonomic guidelines, behavioral based interventions, and wellness interventions.

Students that desire CBES credentialing must successfully complete all course and post-course CBES requirements. CBES credentialing involves a 2-step assessment process that determines the student’s

  • understanding of knowledge and key principles imparted in the CBES course and,
  • abilities to competently apply CBES knowledge and principles in actual office and field ergonomic assessments.

This comprehensive curriculum program takes a clinical and wellness approach to ergonomics that allows students to understand the real world health issues facing today’s workforce.

Benefits of CBES Certification include:

  • Improvement in employee health
  • Increase in work engagement and productivity
  • Prevention of costly injuries and reduction in Workers Comp
  • Reduction in insurance premiums
  • Accommodation of people with disabilities and aging workers
  • Avoidance of disparate discrimination in hiring and job placement
  • Improvement in OSHA compliance

Online CBES Course Contents:

  • Section 1: Introduction to Ergonomics and Occupational Wellness
  • Section 2: Clinical Anatomy and Musculoskeletal Disorders
  • Section 3: Risk Analysis and Ergonomic Assessment of Office Workstations
  • Section 4: Field Ergonomics Part 1: Repetitive Motion, Posture, Vibration, Contact Stress, & Environment
  • Section 5: Field Ergonomics Part 2: Interventions Addressing Force Demands During Lifting, Carrying, Pushing and Pulling
  • Section 6: Fit For Duty: Matching Employees to Essential Functions of a Job

Course Objectives: Upon completion of the CBES course, students will thoroughly understand:

  1. The definition and science of ergonomics and its role in injury prevention and wellness.
  2. Types of MSDs and illnesses related to poor ergonomics and lifestyles.
  3. Best medical management techniques for common MSDs.
  4. Work-related (ergonomic) and lifestyle-related causes of MSDs and illness.
  5. Effects of aging on human performance and work capacities.
  6. How to perform effective office ergonomic assessments.
  7. How to perform effective field ergonomic assessments and utilize metrics such as the NIOSH Lift equation, WISHA, and REBA assessments.
  8. The role of ergonomic physical demands validations in job matching (fitness for duty) tests as a key component of validating essential job functions in compliance with ADA.
  9. How to apply and integrate ergonomics with behavioral-based and wellness concepts.
  10. How to resolve ergonomic problems with no-cost and low costs interventions.

Certified specialists are qualified to:

  • Perform effective field and office ergonomic assessments.
  • Integrate ergonomics with behavior-based wellness concepts.
  • Resolve ergonomic problems with cost-effective interventions.
  • Recognize and utilize effective and legally compliant employee screens.

For more information or to register for the online CBES Course, please visit: Questions? Email or call (800) 414-2174

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