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26 Jul

Today, our workforce is undergoing complex changes related to the effects of an uncertain economy and the impact of aging on safe job performance. It has never been more important for industries to take the most effective steps to help ensure employee safety, health, retention, and productivity. We are hopeful that the WorkSaver Newsletter will assist you in these endeavors.

As we kick off 2016 WorkSaver is pleased to provide you with ongoing updates of the latest information related to ADA and EEOC compliant fit-for-duty testing, and useful tips in the fields of safety, ergonomics, and wellness. We will also occasionally highlight news about achievements among client industries and WorkSaver affiliate clinics. Reader comments and/or contributions will be warmly welcomed.

CEO – Richard W. Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES

President – Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES

About WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, LLC

WorkSaver in Review:

Since 1993, WorkSaver has proven to be one of the most comprehensive and effective employee fit for duty screening processes (post-offer/pre-placement and return to work) available to industries today. WorkSaver currently offers services to numerous industrial clients nationally using only highly skilled licensed physical and occupational therapists. All WorkSaver affiliate clinics are certified by WorkSaver and only WorkSaver certified clinics are allowed to conduct WorkSaver testing.

Every WorkSaver test includes a head-to-toe physical examination followed by a validated, job-specific series of work-simulated functional tests. Employers are notified of the test outcome as soon as the test is completed. Each test undergoes stringent quality assurance (QA) reviews by WorkSaver’s team of nurses. This level of QA review helps to ensure employee testing is conducted in full compliance with federal and state labor laws. The entire WorkSaver report is uploaded to WorkSaver’s secure DocStar electronic storage system. Statistical analysis and ROI reports are provided to WorkSaver clients annually. WorkSaver provides fit-for-duty tests for industries nationwide via a network of WorkSaver certified clinics.

Fit-for-Duty News

Conducting fit-for-duty examinations for the purpose of hiring or matching a person to a job following an injury or illness can be conducted effectively and legally if designed properly. In fact, properly matching a person’s physical capacities to specific essential job demands is not only crucial to the safety and well-being of the employee, but also the employee’s co-workers.

In future editions of this newsletter, various issues related to post-offer/pre-placement employee testing and return to work fit-for- duty testing will be addressed. Just a few of the topics will include:

Validating essential job demands – ensuring a proper foundation for employee testing

Dealing with pre-existing medical conditions and ADA issues

Avoiding age, pregnancy, and gender discrimination

FLMA and fit-for-duty testing

And much more…

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