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19 May

Life-Changing Ergonomic and Wellness Strategies for Aging, Deconditioned and Remote Workers

A Free Webinar by:
Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES and Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES

Date: Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

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Webinar Description:

The aging work population today is experiencing increasing incidences of life-changing disabilities associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), obesity, stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. This trend has become exacerbated by challenges of working remotely from home. Resolving these complex problems requires an equally life-changing integrative approach.

In this webinar, Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES and Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES will be sharing their combined 50 years of consulting and clinical experience using behavioral-based ergonomics, wellness interventions, and ADA and EEOC-compliant physical ability testing to help industries significantly reduce injuries and improve work productivity. Behavioral-based ergonomics involves increasing compliance with ergonomic and wellness interventions by helping employees understand:

  1. causes of MSDs and most disabling illnesses,
  2. physiological effects of ergonomics and wellness interventions,
  3. how lifestyle changes improve health, and
  4. harmful consequences of non-compliance and poor lifestyles.

The presenters will explain work-related (office and field) and lifestyle causes of the most common types of MSDs and illnesses affecting the workforce today. This will be followed by descriptions of how to apply optimum injury and illness interventions, improve safety by properly selecting and accommodating employees, and improve employee compliance with recommended interventions.

Attendees will come away from this webinar with better knowledge about preventing injuries, improving health, increasing job engagement, and maximizing productivity for aging, deconditioned, and remote workers. So do not miss this dynamic webinar that will not only be life-changing for your organization’s employees, but for yourself as well!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Provide physiological explanations that motivate employee compliance to prevent injuries and improve health.
  2. Apply behavioral-based ergonomic interventions and lifestyle changes to prevent injuries and improve health.
  3. Apply ADA and EEOC-compliant physical ability tests to properly job match and accommodate employees.

About the Speakers:
Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES

CEO, WorkSaver Systems & ISR Institute, Inc. and Adjunct Associate Professor at Tulane
Dr. Richard Bunch, Founder and CEO of WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, is a licensed physical therapist and certified ergonomic specialist with a doctorate (PhD) degree in Neuroscience. He is an Army veteran and completed his undergraduate education at West Point Military Academy and LSU University, and his doctoral education at LSU Medical Center, School of Allied Health. He owns a private practice offering ergonomics, safety training seminars, and employee fitness for duty tests nationwide. He also serves on Tulane University Medical Center’s faculty as an Adjunct Associate Professor where he teaches ergonomics. Dr. Bunch has been in practice for more than 40 years and has worked internationally as an ergonomic specialist and occupational wellness consultant. He is the founder and director of the CBES Ergonomics Certification Program, a published author, and world-wide speaker on topics of injury prevention, wellness, and behavioral-based ergonomics. Dr. Bunch is recognized as an expert in physical therapy, functional capacity testing, ergonomics, clinical biomechanics, and occupational health in federal, state and workers compensation courts.

Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES

Mr. Bardarson, President, WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems, graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from the University Of Manitoba, Canada in 1994. He is a Board Certified Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialist, is certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy of the spine by the McKenzie Institute USA, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is a Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator and is also a Certified Ergonomic Specialist. He is the developer of WorkSaver’s customized functional testing software, is the Training Director for the WorkSaver FCE Protocol and is an instructor for the Certified Behavioral Based Ergonomic Specialist training program. Mr. Bardarson is also the Clinic Director/Owner of ISR Physical Therapy LLC and the President of WorkSaver Employee Testing Systems. Mr. Bardarson has performed thousands of functional capacity evaluations (FCEs). Mr. Bardarson has also performed hundreds of ergonomic evaluations and physical demand validations internationally, including onshore and offshore environments. As a result, he is recognized as an expert in physical therapy, functional capacity testing, ergonomics and occupational health in federal, state and workers compensation courts.

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