Are You Ready For The New Year

12 Jan

Are You Ready for the New Year? A Message from WorkSaver Systems

I am sure I can speak for all our readers when I say “good riddance to 2020!”. With that obvious proclamation, all of us at WorkSaver would like to wish you a wonderful new year with the hopes that 2021 will bring everyone more prosperity, safety, and health. Hopefully, the new vaccines for Covid-19 will help our country get back on their feet with work and social functions returning to normal.

Our WorkSaver clinics continue to remain open for WorkSaver Physical Ability Tests to help our clients properly match employees to their jobs, improve job safety, reduce injuries, and provide appropriate job accommodations when required. In preparation for an increase number of new hires and people returning to work, it is advisable for industries to assess the following

  • Do you have a legally compliant Covid-19 testing program in place? (See accompanying article – Employer Requirements for Administering Mandated Vaccines for Covid -19)
  • Are your functional job descriptions still current and reflect the essential functions of each job? (If not, contact WorkSaver)
  • Do you need additional job demands validations for new or revised jobs? (If so, contact WorkSaver)
  • Do you have a legally compliant accommodation review process in place? (If not, contact WorkSaver)
  • Is the WorkSaver clinic network meeting all your testing needs or do you need additional testing locations? (If not, contact WorkSaver)

Remember, it is essential to keep your functional job descriptions updated and current in order to be compliant with EEOC and ADA requirements as they relate to employee physical ability testing and accommodations. WorkSaver is standing by to conduct any on-site job demands validations that you may need. Just call to request a cost proposal and to schedule an analysis.

In addition, WorkSaver provides the following 15-30 minute on-demand Webinars at no charge that address the following topics:

  • Conducting Physical Demands Validations and Identifying Essential Job Functions
  • Understanding the WorkSaver Physical Abilities Testing Process
  • Maintaining Legal Compliance with Physical Abilities Testing
  • Conducting Proper Accommodation Reviews for Employees with Disabilities

Just call WorkSaver at (800) 414-2174 to schedule any of these webinars or to acquire assistance for any of our services. We are dedicated to excellence in employee physical abilities testing and ergonomics. Again, happy new year!

Richard Bunch, PhD, PT, CBES – CEO

Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES – President

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