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WorkSaver has created a custom online paperless testing process. Our software has many benefits:

1.)    It allows your company to use our online web portal to schedule their tests in a HIPAA secure environment. We anticipate you will find the process to be very user friendly as well as a time saver once you are set up in the system.

2.)   The software will e-mail the scheduler if the person passes, fails or is placed on medical hold. This allows the client quick access to final results. You will also be able to see the status of the testing very quickly by logging into the WorkSaver portal.

3.)   The software will display a copy of the full report on the client company’s WorkSaver portal once the QA review is complete.(full report access can be assigned by the company to employees who have access to protected health information).

4.)   The software will provide a single location for all of your scheduling and report viewing needs. You will be able to search quickly and easily for reports by name and will know if an employee has been tested by your company previously.

5.) The software is also compatible with any smart device with internet access. Scheduling and status updates can easily be done from the convenience of a mobile device.

For more information regarding our paperless testing process please contact 800-414-2174.

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