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Dr. Richard Bunch
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AMA Guide to FCEs
Dr. Bunch is the author of the book chapter, The AMA Guide to Functional Capacity Evaluations in the medical textbook, The Handbook of Lower Extremity Neurology (2000). He is currently conducting research on FCE validation of non-organic illness behaviors. He has published and presented numerous lectures on prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, cumulative trauma disorders, ergonomics, prevention of illness behaviors and workers compensation fraud.

    • In his Employee Health and Wellness Training Series – Dr. Bunch offers a dynamic series of seminars to help companies promote common sense and pratical approaches to their employees in order to reduce risks of debilitating illnesses and soft tissue disorders.
    • Back-To-Fitness Exercise and Nutritional Guidelines – Here are exercise and nutritional guidelines for getting back into fitness.
    • Conversations In Health
    • Dr. Bunch contributed to the book Conversations in Health. You can purchase a copy of this publication by contacting our office.
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